Unite to fight the pandemic


Purushottam Poudel


The outbreak of a novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China, has haunted not only China but the entire world. However, the effort the Chinese Government has put to fight against it is endearing.

Many had put their bets on the disease humbling China both politically and economically. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross reportedly said, “Coronavirus could help to accelerate the return of jobs to North America”. At a time when trade war is continuing between the US and China, US might have smelled an economic opportunity of seeing China drowned by the virus.

As the media reports suggest, the pandemic definitely has ebbed the Chinese economy. People are suffering and grieving due to the disease. Despite that, China seems to have propelled ahead with the confidence by almost eradicating the disease from its land when the rest of the world is in panic because of the pandemic.

The present planetary catastrophe has shown us a vivid picture of world politics. Unlike in the past, US supervision is missing in this global calamity. US scholars are consistently blaming the White House for creating power vacuum during the hours of a pandemic.  Isn’t this a manifestation of the rudderless superpower?

There is a saying in English: “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” At present the mousetrap could be the vaccination of the coronavirus which is yet to be invented or maybe the country which better deals with the pandemic and helps other for the same.

In this regard, the novel coronavirus could be a way of showing the efficiency of the Chinese political system to the world. Despite the initial cover-up and the tragic consequences, Chinese rulers are now moving to make the present situation as a definite positive momentum to showcase how the world see its political system and what it actually is. On the other hand, victory over coronavirus would be no less than the winning the ‘People’s War’ for the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

When the superiority of ideology is in the contest, the media, mostly from the western countries, are blaming the Chinese government’s incompetence to fight against the disease which broke out from China to the entire world. Was China alone culpable for the spark of the disease?

Yes, we can say this. Had the Chinese government heeded to the voice of the doctor who had whistled the symptoms of the coronavirus at the earliest, the situation would have been different. But the accidental eruption of the disease was no one’s fault. It is a known fact that the disease knows no boundaries.  In this given circumstance is it tenable to lambast China for closing the barn door after the horse got out?

Albeit with the passing of time the global public health community has widely praised China’s quick work to address the ongoing pandemic and sharing the virus genome sequence. One of the many reasons for China being praised this time is because China is sharing how the disease is disrupting its social and economic daily functions.

Eventually, this information had given the clue to the rest of the world how severe the disease is. The praise for China has not come out of the blue, but is in comparison to the SARS outbreak of 2003 where China was criticized for its rigidity in sharing the internal information about the disease to the rest of the world.


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In this context, China not only has fought hard against COVID-19 within its territory but also is sharing its expertise with the rest of the world. China itself is fighting against the fierce disease. It could have opted to cocoon itself precisely in this difficult hour but has come up to help the other countries in need.

A team of Chinese experts went to Iraq’s capital Baghdad as a part of China’s assistance in confronting the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. China has transferred its expertise to other countries which are prone to the virus. Iraq is just an example.

China put a valiant effort to contain the disease nevertheless the disease has embraced the rest of the globe, resulting in a pandemic. Slowly but steadily, the Chinese government has brought the situation under the control in its land. But we live in an interconnected world. Therefore, the global effort is indispensable to suppress the disease. There is no time for lone wolf-heroism.