Pashupati: An Interpretation

Renu Lal Singh

‘Pashu’ means ‘beast’, ‘Pati’ means Lord. Pashupati means lord of the beast.

Who is the beast ? One who is slave to sensual pleasures or intellectual pleasures or pleasure that do no last.

Who is Pashupati ? One who does not hanker after sensual or intellectual pleasures or pleasures from perishable objects or states; one who finds life without God intolerable. A man or woman can either rise to the level of God or fall to the level of beast. If one has the will, one can immediately or ultimately realise one’s identity with God, the imperishable Principle or Power, the Truth beyond expression, everybody’s Real Self, the Source of all Joy, wisdom and power.

To worship Pashupati is thus to invoke the Eternal Reality and to dedicate oneself to It in all the ways of one’s thought,feeling and action.

It is because human beings today are indulging too much on sensual pleasure that they are facing all sorts of difficulties and having all kinds of traumatic experiences like the kidnapping and murder of themselves as well as their nearest and dearest.

The path to our Eternal Reality is open to all of us.To walk along this path you need no other visa or passport than your own free desire to go along this path.Transient objects are natural givers of terror and trouble.Think of the Birthless and Deathless Truth, your own Real Self more and more and more and more, with tireless patience and watchful perseverance. For this we have to kill the ego of Pashu. Then we shall realise our eternal and unbreakable unity with the Almighty, the All-knowing, All-powerful and All-pervasive Pashupati.

(From Pashupati-Darshan, a bilingual periodic publication; MahaShivaratri of 2030 BS–1974 AD)