Province-3 and Kathmandu local levels are employees’ first choice for adjustment

Sharad Sharma


Province-3 among the seven provinces and the local levels of Kathmandu among the 753 local levels throughout the country are the first choice of the government employees opting for civil service adjustment.

Thirteen thousand six hundred and eighty-four employees have chosen Province-3 and 7,212 Kathmandu Metropolitan City as their first priority for being adjusted, while filling up forms for adjustment.

Out of the 58 thousand 623 employees filling up the application forms for adjustment in the province level, 13 thousand 684 opted for Province-3.

Anita Niraula, Under Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, said that of the total 22 thousand 755 posts in Province-3, more than half this number of employees have chosen this province for their posting.

The Ministry had urged the government employees to fill up the application forms indicating their choice of provinces and local levels for adjustment. The deadline for filling up these application forms was from December 26, 2018 to January 16, 2019.

Far-west Province is the choice of the least number of government employees. Only 5,098 employees applying for adjustment have opted to be adjusted in this province.

An employee was asked to fill up the application form for adjustment in all seven provinces, indicating his/her priority.

Province-5 is the second choice of the employees. Ten thousand four hundred and forty-nine employees have opted for adjusting them in this province.

Likewise, Province-1 is the third (9,290 employees), Gandaki Province the fourth (7,984 employees), Province-2 the fifth (6,927 employees) and Karnali Province the sixth (5,206 employees) choice of employees.

According to Ministry Under-Secretary Niraula, the employees opting for the adjustment would be adjusted on the basis of seniority. Twenty two thousand seven hundred and fifty-five employees needed to be adjusted in the provinces. Fifty-eight thousand six hundred and twenty-three employees had filled up the application forms for adjustment.

Kathmandu Valley the first choice among the local levels
Likewise, the local levels in the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley- Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur – among the 753 local levels across the country, have become the first choice for adjustment of the employees. Among the local levels in the Valley, Kathmandu Metropolitan City again is the first choice of the employees opting for adjustment.

Niraula said 7,212 employees have listed Kathmandu Metropolitan City astheir first choice for adjustment. Altogether 354 thousand 225 employees had filled up forms to be adjusted in the local levels.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City is the second choice (5,123 employees), Mashyapur Thimi Municipality in Bhaktapur the third choice (4,224 employees) and Kirtipur Municipality the fourth choice (3,936 employees) of the employees opting for adjustment at the local levels.

Similarly, 3815 employees have picked Surya Binayak Municipality in Bhaktapur, 3740 employees have chosen Budhanilkantha Municipality in Kathmandu, 3639 employees have gone for Bhaktapur Municipality, 3166 employees have picked Tokha Municipality in Kathmandu, 3116 employees have chosen Mahalaxmi Municipality of Lalitpur and 3026 employees have gone for Pokhara Metropolitan City as their first choice for adjustment.
15,743 opt for adjustment in federation

Fifteen thousand seven hundred and forty-three employees among the employees filling up forms for adjustment have chosen only the federation (central government) for adjustment.

Although 35,368 employees had made the central government bodies as their first choice for adjustment, 15 thousand 743 wanted to be adjusted only in the centre. Forty seven thousand nine hundred and twenty employees are required for adjustment in the federation (centre) and 46 thousand 270 have filled up forms for adjustment in this level (federation).

Seventy-seven thousand and thirty-four employees have applied for adjustment in the federation, province and local levels. Three thousand nine hundred and one employees have chosen only province, 19 thousand 862 employees only the local levels. Province level has become the first choice of adjustment for 14,209 employees and the local level the first choice of adjustment for 27,471 employees.

Sixty seven thousand five hundred and three employees are to be adjusted in the local levels. RSS