Xi’s visit will heighten Nepal-China ties

Dr. Rajan Kishori KC


The relationship between Nepal and China has always remained cordial. The geographical barrier of the high Himalayas has not separate the friendship between two countries and it has become closer, stronger and deeper than ever before. There is a close political, economic , diplomatic, religious, social and cultural exchange relationship between two countries since ages.

Large number of Chinese tourists have been coming to Nepal.  China has been investing in Nepal’s different sectors like education, health, business, trade, technology, energy, connectivity, hydro-power projects etc.

A former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, has mentioned in his book World Order about the balanced geopolitical relation of Nepal with two giant and densely populous neighbors: China (Chinese empire to the north) and India (British empire to the south). According to Kissinger, “Nepal skillfully balanced its diplomatic posture between the ruling dynasties in China and those in India offering letters and gifts that were interpreted as tribute in China but recorded as evidence of equal exchanges in Nepal, then holding out a special tie with China as a guarantee of Nepal’s independence vis-à-vis India”.

Being a sovereign and independent nation, Nepal has balanced pleasant relationship with India and China. It maintains a good friendship between them with a strong stand of non-aligned and non-entangled foreign policy.

Nepal and China have problem free relations
China has always been Nepal’s friendly neighbor respecting its national independence and sovereignty. The key interest of China is national unity whereas Nepal has always been upholding One China policy. Due to China’s non-interference policy towards Nepal, it has been winning hearts and minds of millions of Nepali people.

From 23 years (Jiang Zemin’s trip in 1996), no Chinese leader has visited Nepal and it is the first time Chinese President Xi Jinping likely to visit Nepal in mid-October. This historic visit will be a good sign in Nepal-China ties. This most awaited high-level visit would take a very significant role in enhancing mutual benefits between two countries to a new level of height and common developmental goal.

President Xi’s Nepal visit would mainly prioritize on implementation of past agreements, including projects under the Belt and Road Initiative framework. The scribe hopes this fruitful visit will further help promote economic development and bilateral relationship between two countries.

The writer is a Gynaecology/Obstetrics resident at a hospital in China.