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8 Indian tourists asphyxiate to death in Daman resort

Kathmandu, 21 January (2020) – Eight Indian tourists died at a resort in Daman in Makwanpur district in central Nepal.

They were staying at Everest Panorama resort on Monday.

DSP Sunil Singh Rathore said that all of them were staying in the same room and had switched the gas heater on. They seem to have asphyxiated because of the crowd and the gas heater.

Resort staff informed the police after finding all eight of them in unconscious condition.

All the dead tourists have been identified. Ranjit Kap, 38, Indra, 34, Prabin, 37, Sariya, 32, Abhi, 5, Archana, 7, Baishnav, 5 and Wandra, 9 have died.

They were staying at the resort Monday night.

Altogether 15 tourists from Kerala were in the resort. Eight of them were in Room number 101 in the resort.

All of them were airlifted to Hams Hospital in Kathmandu.

They had come to the resort Monday evening from Pokhara, Palung Area Police Office informed.

Ward Chief of Thaha Municipality-4 Deepak Singh Lama said that the tourists had brought alcohol.

“They had drunk half the alcohol at the resort bar which they themselves had brought along. Then they took the remaining half to their rooms,” he said.

Lama said that they had reserved a bus from Kathmandu and had come to Daman from Pokhara.

They had booked four rooms for 15 people. “They said that they were feeling cold and had asked for the gas heater. The hotel had told them that heater is not needed because the room has electronic bed. But they forcefully took the heater,” Lama said.

DIG Shailesh Thapa Chhetri said that the unconscious people were brought to Hams Hospital on the helicopter. “They were airlifted to the hospital but their lives could not be saved,” he said.