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Australian kayaker, 31, dies in a ‘terrible’ wild river rafting accident in Nepal


A treacherous river in Nepal has claimed the life of Australian kayaker, Adrian Kiernan, 31.

Mr Kiernan, from Tasmania, was kayaking on the Humla Karnali River in Nepal’s Himalayan region, on November 15, when conditions turned dangerous.

Louis Bissonette, Mr Kiernan’s kayaking companion, wrote on Facebook: ‘We were all having the time of our life until the river drastically decided to put an end to it’.

The Humla Karnali, at 240 kilometres long, has long stretches of white water and is well-known for its difficulty.

According to ABC News the ‘exact circumstances of Kiernan’s death are not known at this stage’.

ABC News has also reported that the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has said it was ‘providing consular assistance, in accordance with the Consular Services Charter, to the family and friends of an Australian man who died in Nepal’.

The death of Kiernan, who owned Tasmanian adventure tour company, Franklin River Rafting, has shocked the worldwide kayaking community, many of whom took to Facebook to express their condolences.

Jakub Sedivy wrote: ‘Dude, you had been such an inspiration to many’ and described Kiernan as ‘Always fun, always motivated’.

Bissonette wrote: ‘We will remember you as a humble and dedicated human being. A man who lived life to the fullest’.

According to Tasmania’s The Mercury, Kiernan, had travelled the world pursuing his passion, and had kayaked in numerous countries including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, India, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa.