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Bishnu Lama accuses police of firing at him after taking under control

Gagan Aryal


Kathmandu, 13 January (2020) – Bishnu Lama, an alleged goon, has accused the police of firing at him two hours after the arrest.

The police had fired at Lama in Jammudada in Kathmandu district Sunday evening.

Lama told Lokantar that the police arrested him while he was sipping tea at a teashop in Buddha at 3:30 pm and shot at him at 5:30 pm. He claims that he was handcuffed at the time the police fired at him.

He is being treated at Trauma Centre in Kathmandu. Following is the edited version of his statement to Lokantar:

My house is near Medical College at Bouddha. I was drinking tea at a shop near my house with my friends when policemen in plainclothes arrested me.

The police took me around Bouddha area in their van. I was handcuffed.

I had been staying in India for the last six months and had come to Nepal after my relatives called me to settle the case of killing a child.

I thought that the case would settle soon when the police approached me.

The police took me to Jammudada at around 5:30 pm. Two policemen were talking there. One of them came up from behind and took me to trees behind police beat. They put my legs in between those trees and shot at the right leg.

I was stained in blood. Then they took me to Metropolitan Police Circle, Bouddha in their van. The policemen put me in another van and took me to the trauma centre.

There are reports that I threw stones at the police. But these are false reports.

The police, however, has denied claims that they shot at Lama after taking him into control. They maintain that Lama tried to run away and had to be shot at to take under control.

“Other absconding accused were with him. We were trying to nab them. Lama tried to run away and the police shot at him,” Ramesh Singh, DSP and Metropolitan Police Circle Chief, told Lokantar. DSP Singh said that the claim that police shot at Lama after taking under control is false.