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Fight back training programme conducted at Women’s Commission office


Kathmandu, 17 April (2018) – A half-day Women Empowerment Self Defense training has been organised on Tuesday at National Women Commission (NWC) office, Bhadrakali-Plaza with support from CARE Nepal. About 30 helpline (Khabar Garaun-1145) related female staffs, legal officers and other senior staffs of NWC, CARE Nepal and its partners participated in the Self Defense training.

The NWC has established a 24-hour toll free helpline to provide support to survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Anyone facing GBV, or even witnessing such incident, can call at 1145 to receive support for shelter, psycho-social support, child support and legal aid. CARE Nepal is an international humanitarian organisation working in the country for more than 37 years. It currently works in 59 districts through various programmes in Nepal.

The overall objective of the self defense training was to physically and mentally empower the helpline related staff of NWC, CARE Nepal and its partners. The training aims to enhance knowledge of self defense techniques for the staffs ready for 24 hours to support GBV victims. Participants said that the training comprehensively covered both psychological motivations and self-defense skills.

The training was given by Giri Bahadur Sunar. Sunar pioneers Women Empowerment Self Defense training in Nepal. He initiated Girls/Women Empowerment Self Defense training in 1998 from Babiyachaur, Myagdi district. For the last ten years, he has been actively involved in this campaign.

Till now, he has given such training in many places across the country.

Sunar says, “For women/girls, self defense sounds tough but it is the demand of the time. No one is available to protect women at the time of need therefore they have to prepare for defending themselves. Doing nothing is basically giving up.”

Girls and women face domestic violence, including sexual abuse from their own relatives at home and face harassment outside home. In 2017 about 1,131 girls/women were raped and there were 536 attempts to rape. In last nine months about 89 girls/women were raped. Sadly, 66 percent never tell anyone about their experience or seek help.


Project Manager Palita Thapa of Sambodhan Project stressed on the importance of 1145 in the training session and said, “Self Defense training should be a part of school curriculum so that children learn all the challenges at early age and get ready to fight-back at the time of need”.

Anil Kumar Thakur, the newly appointed secretary of NWC, said, “Self Defense training is very useful for girls and women and it should be expanded to all the provinces.”

Rest of the participants found that the training was simple and anybody could learn it. They said that it should be taken to all parts of the country.