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Greater Nepal campaigner Nepal addresses UNHRC, raises issue of discrimination against Gorkha soldiers in Indian army


Geneva (Switzerland), 19 March 2019 – Phanindra Nepal, Chairman, Greater Nepal Nationalist Front, on Monday has addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council to shed light on discriminatory behaviour of the Indian Army to Gorkha soldiers.

Full text of the address is as follows:

Madam Vice President Nazhat Shameem Khan,

I would like to draw your kind attention to the disproportionately huge discrimination in the Indian army.

In this context, I beg your permission to tell the history of Indian Gorkha army to clear the scenario in brief. When the United Kingdom of Great Britain was leaving India, Nepal, Britain, and India signed a tripartite agreement to divide and share the Gorkha army between Britain and India on November 9, 1947. Then the Gorkha army became an integral part of Indian army.

However, the Defence Ministry of India adopted the policy of discrimination among the Indian armies from the very beginning. I beg your kind permission to come to the main point.

When the army personnel serving in Indian army are killed, the Indian army hands over the dead body of Indian nationals to the family but they never send the dead body of an Indian Gorkha to Nepal for funeral just because they are Nepali nationals. The widows cry for and the orphaned children long to see their father but they don’t even get to see the dead body of their loved one.

I request the UNHRC to take concrete action as per Vienna Declaration to stop such inhuman behaviour of the Indian army.