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Most of human suffering unnecessary: Hin Hung

Kathmandu, 14 Aug – Most of the human sufferings are unnecessary and can be easily avoided, Buddhist scholar and Director of the Centre of Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong Venerable Hin Hung has said.

“The sufferings are created by the humans themselves,” he said, addressing an event in Kathmandu on 12 Aug. “People do bad Karma due to attachment and hatred. This leads to suffering. And most of these sufferings are unnecessary.”

He said the human suffering can be easily avoided through the practice of the Buddha’s teachings.

Venerable Hin Hung was addressing the opening ceremony of Ethics and Virtues Institute of Nepal.

“Due to hatred, people resort to destruction. Due to greed, people accumulate things and crave for things that they don’t need. They even go to war for this reason. Ignorance is at the root of it, which leads us to do things that create misery for ourselves and others,” he said, adding that people can become free of hatred and greed by generating wisdom with the help of the Buddha’s teachings.

He stressed on the importance of wishing well for all and said that the practice of loving kindness and compassion can make one’s life easy, peaceful, and happy.

“A conduct based on ethical and virtuous values will guide us to behave correctly. It will guide us to create compassion and loving kindness among people. It helps to eliminate ignorance, hatred and greed. It helps our families and societies to live in wisdom,” he said

At another talk program on ‘Buddhism in 21st Century’ organized by the Lumbini Buddhist University in Kathmandu, Venerable Hin Hung appreciated the ongoing efforts of scientists and researchers to make Buddhist education more easily accessible. Giving evidence of recent researches, he said the modern science has proved that the practice of meditation and Buddhist teachings make people physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.