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Janakpurdham Mayor Lal Kishore Sah beats up journalists in his office

Ajay Anuragi


Kathmandu, 6 January (2020) – Lal Kishore Sah, Janakpurdham Sub-metropolitan City Mayor, beat up journalists in his office on Tuesday.

The journalists had reached Mayor’s office to take his comment on land encroachment in Janaki Temple. Sah is accused of closing the door and asking goons to beat up the journalists.

Anil Mishra, President of Dhanusha District Chapter of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Amar Kanta Amar, Bikas Sah, Raja Jha, Sumit Mishra, Subas Karna and Shatrudhan Yadav have been beaten up.

“The Mayor used goons who beat us up with helmets and pipes,” journalist Mishra said.

Journalists have been protesting the attack.


Mayor Sah

Journalist Bikas Sah of AP1 TV told Lokantar about the incident:

We had gone to the sub-metropolitan office to take mayor’s byte. He kept us waiting for three hours.

Party activists were allowed in but we had to wait outside. We waited for him till 1 pm.

But the mayor still didn’t let us in. Then Amar Kanta Amar burst into anger and said, “You say there is a meeting but party activists have been going in and coming out. Why don’t you give us time?”

But we didn’t receive any answer. Then we entered inside. There was no meeting as such. Former President of FNJ Ashok Rauniyar was inside.

As we entered inside the mayor asked us, “Have you prior appointment?”

Amar said that they had come to take a quote from the mayor. My cameraman also asked for a byte. I didn’t say anything.

Then the mayor said, “You have been spreading terror in the name of media.”

Amar said, “Our former president is here. What terror have we spread?”

Then the mayor’s followers and metropolitan police barged into the room and started to rough us up. They beat up Amar. Then they shoved me.

Manhandling continued for 15 minutes. They forced us out of the office and we staged a sit-in outside the mayor’s room.

Chaos ensued after that. No one knew who was pummelling whom.

They beat us up with pipes and helmets. Amar’s head is wounded. Sumit Mishra was beaten up with a pipe.

They even snatched our camera and have not returned it.