Current Affairs launched

lokaantar opening

Lalitpur, May 6: Former Council of Ministers Chairman Khil Raj Regmi launched in a formal ceremony at Lokaantar premises on Friday.

Delivering his congratulatory speech, Regmi said that digital media needs to focus on quick information and keep national interest and national security highest above all. “Lokaantar team should not compromise on national security,” he said.

Expressing his happiness over incorporation of a separate ‘Governance’ section, Regmi urged Lokaantar to present news items against corruption.

“Preserving credibility in the age of competition is a tough ask but Lokaantar can succeed if the whole team is dedicated and honest to achieve credibility,” Regmi said.

Speaking in the programme, Press Council President Borna Bahadur Karki said that journalism in Nepal has lost credibility and hoped that Lokaantar will put its full efforts in salvaging press’s image.

National Information Commission’s Chief Commissioner Krishnahari Banskota urged Lokaantar to use right to information.

Former Chief Secretary Leelamani Paudyal said that foreign investment in media has increased at an alarming level and urged Lokaantar to be alert to this fact. “You cannot compromise with ideals of journalism for advertisements,” he said.

More than 100 journalists and eminent personalities were present in the ceremony.