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Mid-Autumn festival celebrations limited in digital platforms in Nepal

Sarose Gautam

Kathmandu, 2 October (2020) – The Mid-Autumn Festival that began on Thursday has been celebrated by Chinese people in China and abroad.

This is the second most important festival in China, after the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). It falls on the 15thday of the 8thlunar calendar.

This year the Festival happened to be on 1stOctober, on the very day China celebrates its National Day.

mid autumn festival

Chinese people residing in Nepal, The Chinese Embassy in Nepal and China Cultural Center would always celebrate the festival with various social gatherings and programs. But this year the celebration of the second most important festival of Chinese people in Nepal has been limited to digital platforms and wishes on social media because of increasing corona cases in Nepal.

Due to the restriction imposed on social gatherings in Nepal to curb the corona virus spread, China Cultural Center organized an online event called “Mid-Autumn Festival: A Moonmoment to Remember”.

We would organize various programs during this festival and would offer moon cake to our Nepali friends every year but this year we had to make it via digital platforms, time is tough yet, we would like to wish prosperity of people in China and Nepal, said Xiao Jiang the director of China Cultural Center.

She added, “We have missed the festivities this year, but once the pandemic is over, we hope to organize programs like in the past instead of the digital ones like this year.”

China Culture Center Mid Autumn Festival 3

China Cultural Center in Nepal like many other centers across the globe organized social media based traditional Chinese music concert, in the form of virtual exhibitions, online concerts, short videos, and virtual interaction.

During this festival Chinese people celebrate the harvest moon by eating mooncakes and lighting lanterns.As a time for family reunion, Mid-Autumn Festival’s typical food are moon cakes which are round and symbolize reunion.

Families and friends gather together to celebrate by eating moon cakes and appreciating the spectacular beauty of the fullest and brightest moon.

In addition, making and hanging lanterns is also a popular activity favored especially by kids to make best wishes.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, against the backdrop of a global pandemic, has given people a deeper understanding of reunion.