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NC obstructs House citing budget leakage

Kathmandu, 30 May – Main opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) obstructed parliamentary meeting demanding inquiry into leakage of budget information before it was read out in the House on 28 May.

The meeting held for theoretical discussion on budget has been adjourned for half an hour after NC’s obstruction. After NC’s obstruction at the resumption of the meeting, the Speaker again adjourned the meeting till 1:30 pm.

At the beginning of the meeting, NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat requested time from the Speaker and alleged the government of flouting parliamentary norms and special rights by leaking budget information before it was tabled in the parliament. Share market had jumped high due to information leak, he said.

NC has announced obstruction of House until an inquiry into leak is carried out.

Photo: The Himalayan Times