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Prime minister is anti-federal: Nidhi

Kathmandu, 13 May – Nepali Conngress (NC) central leader and parliamentarian Bimalendra Nidhi has described the Prime Minister (PM) KP Oli an anti-federal person.

During the concluding parliamentary discussions on the government’s policies and programmes on Friday he said, “The PM himself is anti-federalist but we have to accept him as the guardian of federal republican constitution,” he said, “In this context, we doubt the constitution’s implementation.”

Commenting on the government’s efforts to invest domestic resources for Kathmandu-Tarai fast track Nidhi said that this project will meet the fate of Arun-III hydroelectricity project that never saw the light of the day. He urged the parliament to pass the policies and programmes only after deleting the phrase “fast track to be made by Nepalis.”