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Social change in Madhesh: Daughters carry their father’s dead body to cremation grounds

Ajay Anuragi


Janakpurdham, 19 February (2020) – An unprecedented event occurred on Tuesday in Sabaila Municipality-2 in Dhanusha district in Province-2.

Four weeping women were carrying their father’s dead body. Their mother was at the front and five sisters trailed her to the cremation grounds.

Other villagers were in the back side. The funeral procession walked for five kilometres.

Every eye witnessing the funeral procession was full of tears.

Breaking the tradition of not allowing women to carry the corpse, the sisters were carrying their father’s dead body.

Ram Narayan Yadav, 65, died on Tuesday. Yadav is survived by his wife and five daughters. Nepur Yadav, Raj Devi Yadav, Pramila Devi Yadav, Anita Devi Yadav and Gorki Yadav carried their father’s dead body. The body was taken to Kamala Ghat which is five kilometres east from the village.

Rabiya Devi Yadav, 62, is the deceased Yadav’s wife and she cremated her husband’s body.

“I didn’t have a son and raised all my daughters without any discrimination,” Rabiya Devi told Lokantar. “That is why I decided that all my daughters will carry their father’s body.”

Eldest daughter Nepur Devi Yadav said that she felt that she was equally entitled like a son when she carried her father’s body. “I feel that I have been able to change the society’s perception that only sons should carry their father or mother’s body and cremate them.”

Yadav was an active member of Nepali Congress party. Central Member of the Congress Party and Former Minister Anand Prasad Dhungana went to pay his last tributes to Yadav.

He said, “The society needs to change. Daughters carrying their father’s body to the cremation ground is a welcome change.” Dhungana bolstered the spirit of the bereaved family with this statement.

Leaders and active members of Nepali Congress party accepted the suggestion of the daughters to shoulder the father’s body. Villagers did not protest this move.

Local resident Jagat Sundar Sah said, “The villagers easily accepted daughters shouldering their father’s body and wife cremating the body. Villagers are praising them for his unprecedented move.”

Local people say that women carrying dead body to cremation grounds is rare.