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Teacher beats student to a pulp, ward refuses to go to school

Prakash Acharya


Kathmandu, 6 January (2020) – Thrashed at the hands of his computer teacher, Taufiq Dhuniya refuses to go to school.

Dhuniya studies at Gyandeep Boarding School in Sammarimai Rural Municipality-6 in Rupandehi district in Province-5. Computer teacher Shailendra Barai beat him up mercilessly on Wednesday for not doing the homework.

Dhuniya spoke with Lokantar Monday morning. He said, “I don’t want to go to school. The teacher may beat me up again. He struck me with a wooden stick on my left eye and on my back. He had beaten me up in other parts but the marks have slowly disappeared. I wish that the teacher stops coming to the school.”

Taufiq’s house is in Pokharhama village in Sammarimai.

“The teacher thrashed five of my friends as well. The school closed from the day of the incident. It opened on Sunday. But I didn’t attend classes and will not go to school today as well. I am afraid to go there,” Dhuniya said.

Dhuniya is in the fifth standard and is known as one of the disciplined students.

Surendra Barai, the school principal, refused to comment on the incident. Lokantar phoned him to take a comment but he asked to call later. However, he didn’t take the call later.

Area Police Office Marchabar has arrested the accused teacher Sunday afternoon.

Hussein Dhuniya, grandfather of the beaten up student Taufiq, says that his grandson is fearful after the incident. He informed that Taufiq was so severely beaten up that his treatment was not possible in the local health centre. So he was taken to Universal College of Medical Sciences in Bhairahawa district.

Police Inspector Posh Raj Dhakal told Lokantar that accused Barai has been arrested and the victim family has been facilitated to lodge a complaint. Accused Barai had run away after the incident.

The police is investigating into the incident. Inspector Dhakal informed that the police will take statements from the school principal and other students as well.

Chapter 8 Offences against the Child in The Act Relating to Children 2018 says that the offence of inflicting physical or mental punishment on him or her whether at home, school or any other place will be punishable with one year of imprisonment and fined up to 50,000 rupees.