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Umesh Sah, accused of attempt to sacrifice human being, defies police action

Gagan Aryal

Kathmandu, 26 December (2019) – Umesh Sah, 40, of Rajbiraj Municipality in eastern Nepal has expressed dissatisfaction at his arrest.

Speaking at the press meet organised by Metropolitan Police Range on Thursday, Sah said that the police had arrested him for no reason.

He said, “I don’t know why we have been brought here. Why have you arbitrarily arrested us? The media has published our name for no reason.”

The police had arrested Sah in Saptari district and brought him to Kathmandu. During the press meet he requested the reporters to stop photographing him but they did not comply.

“What is the charge against me?” he asked.

The police asked him to keep silence. He then said, “I too am a mediaperson. Can the police arrest me just because my name was in the contact list on the cellphone?”

Pleading his innocence he said that the police had trapped him. He said lividly, “I should be allowed to put my side of the story.”


“Prove if I am a criminal,” he said after taking off his mask.

The police kept quiet all the time while Sah alleged them of arresting him without any reason. They took him to the holding cell shortly after the press meet.

The police had arranged the press meet to make public the persons alleged to be involved in human trafficking. A young woman was taken to Biratnagar to carry out Tantric ritual involving human sacrifice. The police has made public seven people including Sah alleging them of human trafficking.

Acting on the report filed at the Metropolitan Police Range by the young lady originally hailing from Dhading district, five policemen under the command of the Inspector were deployed from Kathmandu to Saptari district.

The police arrested Krishna Tamang of Kawasoti Hapsekot-1 Nawalparasi district, Umesh Sah of Rajbiraj Municiplaity-14 Saptari district, Dil Kumari Budha Magar of Ghorahi Municipality Dang district, Umesh Majhi of Saptakoshi Municipality-11 Saptari district, Dilip Poddar of Biratnagar Metropolitan City-8 Morang district, Prema Tamang of Khaniyabas Rural Municiplaity-2 Dhading district and Ranjit Kumar Chaudhary of Gadhi Rural Municipality-1 Sunsari district and brought them to Kathmandu.

The police said in the press meet that one shaman in a temple in Bihar, India had asked Dilip Poddar to find a woman to be sacrificed in the temple. The shaman had pledged to pay huge money to Poddar and even provided some advance payment to bring the woman.

According to the police, the accused group was taking the woman to Bihar for human sacrifice in pretext of making a documentary.