Thegana Services launches new address system in Nepal


Thegana Services is pleased to announce the launch of “Thegana,” a mobile phone App that’s compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Android version is available now and iOS will be coming in a week.

“Thegana” is a re-engineered address system which divides the surface of Nepal into 858 million squares that are (3m x 3m) each, and every one of them identified with unique fixed codes. The codes give addresses to everyone everywhere, allowing them to receive deliveries, access emergency services, register the address to a bank account, navigate to and from, and more. The main goal of “Thegana” is to provide everyone with an electronic address. “Thegana” code is more accurate than the existing physical street address. This means people can pinpoint a specific location anywhere in Nepal and communicate with it more quickly and easily than any other method. One of the key features of “Thegana” App is that it works offline.

In order to ascertain a user’s location, “Thegana” code is composed of 9 characters – the first 3 corresponds to a district and the latter 6 to a specific location in that district. For example, “Thegana” address for General Post Office, Sundhara, Kathmandu is KTM-P82746 (KTM for Kathmandu district); likewise, the address for Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini is RUP-F79GV6 (RUP for Rupandehi district). The last 6 characters can also be customized to one’s liking by registering it with the app. For example, we have customized our office address to KTM-HELLO. The Thegana App is a free download, available on both iOS and Android devices.

“Thegana” will provide users with greater working flexibility by integrating and digitizing existing addresses and assigning unique “Thegana Codes” to them.  We at “Thegana” have worked hard to roll out the initial release Nationwide so everyone from every corner of the country can benefit from the power of “Thegana.” As we know, the addressing system in Nepal is poor, thus and we have incorporated crowdsourcing mechanism to collect, verify and digitize existing addresses.

In times of natural disasters, for example, “Thegana” can provide the simplest way to communicate with a specific  location, which can be critical to effective disaster response, which “Thegana” is able to address effectively. The App also comes with turn-by-turn navigation option.

Thegana Code can perform independent of existing physical address (if applicable). But as a solution provider, along with integration and simplicity, we also believe in aiding in improving existing infrastructure by providing authentic data to local and federal authorities so that proper addressing system can be created. Thegana code can function both as an address and as a postal code for postal services too and serves as a solution to KYC requirement that financial institutions are struggling to comply with right now.

Thegana Services has already partnered with few local authorities to provide a much-needed proper addressing system. Bouddha Ward No. 6, Kathmandu has taken that first step in addressing the need of proper addressing system by working with “Thegana.”

Bishal KC, Chief Executive Officer of “Thegana Services,” says, “We have been talking about ‘Smart Cities’ for quite some time now, and I believe smart addressing system is the foundation of making the rest of the features of ‘Smart City’ truly smart, as address is one of the basic elements of communication between individuals, businesses and public institutions alike. The lack of a complete, accurate and proper addressing system constitutes a major socio-economic challenge in Nepal. Without an address, we might as well be non- existent, let alone calling oneself a citizen of a smart city.”

He further stressed that this was an exciting moment for “Thegana Services,” and that the services of “Thegana” will ensure we remain at the forefront of the move towards flexible and mobile working reality.”

Thegana App has been designed to work seamlessly with our other services, enabling a rich user experience made with modern mobile framework to meet user needs wherever and whenever they need. Finding a location has never been easier and remembering an address should not take any more effort than remembering your mobile number.

KC adds, “Our ability to offer customers the flexibility, simplicity and mobility when using “Thegana” is a further example of how Thegana continues to evolve to meet the needs and demands of our growing customer/user base.”