Nepal Standard license of four industries revoked

Kathmandu, 19 Aug – Department of Quality and Measurement has revoked the Nepal Standard license of four different industries.

The licenses of these industries were revoked because they had not renewed it on time.

Department’s Spokesperson Romi Manandhar told Lokaantar that the licenses of Kathmandu Steel, Jaya Mangalam Cement, JBS Industries and Surya Agro were revoked.

Cement and steel products should mandatorily contain Nepal Standard (NS) logo. Along with this, the government has made it compulsory for 11 objects to get NS logo.

Revoke of license does not have any impact on manufacture and sale of JBS Industries and Surya Agro. JBS produces ketchup, jam, jelly and fruit juice while Surya Agro produces rice.

NS logo is not necessary for manufacture and sale of these goods.

“The Department had given a month’s time for NS license renewal,” Manandhar said. “Since these industries did not heed the notice, their licenses had to be revoked.”

Last July, the Department had issued license renewal notice.

According to the Department, 268 industries and 190 products across the country have taken NS license.