Nepse Index closes at 1516.80 points

Kathmandu, 6 June (Share Sansar) – The benchmark index at Nepal Stock Exchange went up by 33.66 points or 2.27% to close at 1,516.80 points.NEPSE index opened at 1483.21 points.

An interesting fact from the trading of these two days is that the performance of market has almost reversed entirely.Even when the prices have risen, secondary market participants have lined up to buy shares at lower prices as much possible.Investors’ congregating to buy shares even on the day of book closing shows the confidence of investors towards the market even for future days.With almost all the sectors covering up their losses, the unpredictable nature of market is repeated yet again.Despite the ups and downs, somehow, we can conclude that the wary investors hardly might have lost anything.

The total turnover of the day stood above Rs 1.15 arba where more than 16 lakhs unit shares were traded through 5,395 transactions.

Sensitive index and float index went up by 7.55 and 2.51 points respectively.

Except Hotels, all the sectors at Nepse landed on green.