Local polls have strengthened Nepal’s democracy, give local representatives time to deliver

Bindesh Dahal

Kathmandu, 14 June (2018) – Electing local representatives after a long gap has been an important milestone for the functioning of Nepal’s democracy, a political scientist has asserted.

Speaking with Lokantar Saad Gulzar, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Stanford University, said that local polls have strengthened Nepal’s democracy and newly elected local representatives should be given time to learn about their jobs.

“People ran for the offices for the first time as local polls took place in Nepal for the first time. There may be some anomalies in local representatives’ jobs but they are still learning,” Gulzar said.

Gulzar also said that it is important to devolve certain responsibilities to the local level so that people performing at the lower level can work for the benefit of the people and also rise up the ranks.

“Giving good services within their jurisdictions and matching the expectations of their electorate will ensure the rise of local politicians,” he said.

Gulzar suggested that it would be useful for local representatives to ask the people what they want and deliver the demands.

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