Quantam Leap (Poem)

Sudeep Adhikari

Quantum Leap I: Singularity to Matter




Poet Adhikari

The primordial heat-bath,
a self-sustained void
awoke from its ancient sleep,
the unheard fuzz of dark nothingness
painted the ether with sparks and light
and matter was conceived,
governed by mundane laws.
a singularity, without space and time,
a moment before
was my material universe
of granites and gold,
a moment after.
a game of pure chance
a pattern carved out of sheer naught?
or was it the universal Mind
having its first solitary thought?

Quantum Leap II: Matter to Gaia

It was the moment of death-like quiet
inconscient matter gravitated
each others for eons
and there were no patterns and shapes.
and the non-equilibrium crept in
gradient of energies
created innumerable cycles
of creation, transformation and death
and suddenly matter found
an acausal organizing science
to weave the intricate
patterns of ferns and pines.
and there, Mother Gaia was born.
And her animated water
surged with unknown passion
the unborn life-force yearned to unfold,
and leapt towards the fuller gestalt.

Quantum Leap III: Non-Life to Life

The primordial soup,
was the cosmic playground
for soul-experiments
the lifeless inorganic sloths
did some auto-catalytic dance
to conceive first RNA
and other signatures of life.
and the most ancient thirst was born
with its solitary unicellular lust.
life fed on chaos and entropy
and created an orderly kingdom
of uncountable colors and shades;
and actualized, was the ancient alchemy
to churn spirit-ember from deep slumber

of material dark. Acausal, supra-logical.


Quantum-Leap IV: Instinct to Consciousness

The life was weak and the spirit, infantile
it slithered in darkness, it had no eyes
a long and arduous ladder of fulfillment
and innumerable peaks of evolution
it had to cross, to find its spiritual terminus
and realize its birth-right to be the God.
a quantum leap, a phase-transition
from instinct to self-reflection
and a Buddha, a Christ
and a Mohammad were born.
the birth of self-awareness is a mystery
larger than the dawn of life
and it also happened beyond
the linear axioms of science.

when you realize you are a psychic-being,
a self-aware infinite whole,
evolution regains a different value,
a different direction. And it is no longer a mere

gizmo added to your survival-kit.
Here, you are not refuting the mundane science
your immensity has just surpassed its ruses and rules.


Quantum-Leap V: Physics to Psycho-Physics

I did not rise from the ashes of nothing
out of pure mathematical chance
to be a self-aware conscious whole
some lucid dreams of a carbonated swamp,
I am not. Beyond the reason of science
and its linear cause-and-effect tools
I am the soul enfolded in the
first atom of gold. I am the quark,
a spirit partying on its weekend-break.
A recursion between atoms and the archetypes,

creates a matrix, psycho-physical

where spirit implicitly resides in matter’s heart.

Laws of soul, if there are any
can only be at their non-causal, non-atomic

and wholesome best.


Sudeep Adhikari is a Structural Engineer/Lecturer. His poetry has appeared in many online/print literary journals. His recent publications were with   Red Fez, Jawline Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, In Between Hangovers, Beatnik Cowboys, Silver Birch Press, Underground Books, The Lake and Outlaw Poetry.