Rustom actress Ileana D’Cruz roots for freedom of expression

Mumbai, 16 Aug – Actress Ileana D’Cruz says true freedom will come when everyone will be “completely free” to express whatever they want to, without people taking offence over it. Asked what does freedom mean to her, Ileana said: “I would consider I am completely free when I get to say what I want to say without people taking it as a personal attack.”

The actress, who is currently basking in all the appreciation coming her way for Rustom, added: “I would like to put my view across and I have been doing it to a certain extent on Instagram, and there have been quite a few people who hate me for that.”

The Barfi star shared that she doesn’t want to disrespect anyone, but just wants to put her view forward. “I just want to say I don’t disrespect anyone but this is my opinion and I believe in equality and I would like to do that without causing any rucks between anyone,” she said.

Akshay Kumar’s Rustom opened to houseful multiplexes across India. The multiplex that we visited in Andheri had a sizeable number of people turning up to watch the first show. And they sure didn’t leave disappointed for Akshay Kumar’s uniform act provided them enough thrills and frills to leave them entertained.

The two factors of Rustom that worked for audience were Akshay Kumar as a naval officer and the plot of the story loosely inspired from the famous Kawas Nanavati case that shook the nation in the 60s. Akshay as the dashing moustache sporting navy gent made enough dent in the minds of audience. Right from his naval demeanour to his performance, Khiladi Kumar packed in enough acting histrionics to delight audience. The ladies(Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta) along with the other star cast pulled in enough power to pack the right punches according to audience.