Qatar expresses its concern that Saudi didn’t allow Health Minister to attend GCC meeting


Doha, 20 February (2020) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the State of Qatar expresses its concern that the Saudi authorities did not grant Dr. Hanan Alkuwari, minister of public health in the State of Qatar, permission to enter Riyadh and attend a meeting on coronavirus preventive measures organized by the GCC Central Secretariat until the meeting had actually started.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly claimed that the GCC, especially the technical committees, have not been affected by the crisis. Yet we are surprised to see that Saudi is politicizing a humanitarian sector that requires close collaboration and coordination due to the urgency of the situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar calls on Saudi Arabia to assume its role, as the country hosting the GCC headquarter, professionally and impartially, assuring that Qatar will cooperate with all GCC countries to prvent Coronavirus.