UNK students from Nepal share their culture and traditions with community

Connie Weight


The small Nepalese community at UNK invited the Kearney community to learn more about their country.

The “Nepalese Student Association at Kearney” hosted its annual Nepali Night, offering traditional music, dance, and food.

Organizers say the nearly 20 Nepalese students would right now be celebrating the country’s Festival of Lights back home, so they say they’re celebrating together by creating a glimpse of that festival for Kearney.

“So just to share our culture like we’re not just Mount Everest or Sherpas or Gherkas,” said Nepalese Student Association at Kearney’s President Anup Khehet. “It really feels great since we’re a small community like doing this great event, it’s really important all of us members from our organization really work hard for it.”

Organizers say this will continue to be an annual event.


Published on 21 November 2018