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DCA extends support worth 6.5 million rupees for COVID-19 victims in western Nepal


Kathmandu, 16 April (2020) – Nepal is bracing up to contain the spread of Coronavirus using all possible measures from country lockdown to setting up health centres for corona tests and isolation wards in different parts of the country as the cases of corona infected are slowly increasing. So far, 16 people have been reported to be infected with COVID-19 in Nepal. International Non-governmental Organisations like DCA are supporting the efforts of local governments to better prepare for the possible outbreak.

DCA Nepal, a Danish Humanitarian and Development Organisation, in coordination with and leadership of the local government, has provided immediate relief packages and medical gears support worth 6.5 million rupees.

A total of 1,566 households affected by COVID-19 and at high risk have been supported following the relief standard suggested by the local government.


Similarly, in co-ordination with the local government,it has also distributed health accessories including 57 PPE sets, 12 Thermal Guns, 161 packets of medical gloves, 10,620 soaps, 1,763 sanitary pads, 271 liter sanitizers, 30 hygiene kits and 140 sets of bedding/mosquito nets to different quarantines in Kanchanpur, Bardiya, Banke, Dailekh, Kailali and Doti Districts.

The support was provided to municipalities through local partner NGOs and the materials were distributed to the the communities, quarantine centres and health centres under the leadership of local government.

“The support materials were based on the standard guidelines of the local government and the materials were distributed to the neediest households and health centers in the leadership of the local government,” says, Dinesh Gurung, Programme Manager, DCA Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Reduction.


He also informed that DCA Nepalis receiving requests from various local governments for necessary support and DCA is coordinating with the rural municipalities for further support.

“The government has been providing all possible support. However, to fight this pandemic, the sole initiative of the government is not enough. Therefore, I/NGOs, have been providing additional support and we really appreciate it,” stated Khadgaraj Upadhyaya, Mayor, Aatbish Rural Municipality, Dailekh.

Besides relief and health accessories, DCA Nepal, in partnership with local radio is producing and airing a radio programme called Sajhedhari. “Currently, people staying at home are living in a state of fear and anxiety about the possible outbreak of coronavirus. They will have many questions about Coronavirus,” added Gurung, “Correct information and facts act as a medicine to the listeners and this is the reason why we started the programme in all the districts where we are providing our physical support.”