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NTV Itahari to begin first sign language news outside Kathmandu

Birat Anupam


Itahari, 9 May (2020) – NTV Itahari has scheduled to telecast its first ever sign language news from May 14.  According to Tanka Uprety, the chair of the channel, the evening prime time news of 7 PM will be broadcasted in Nepali sign language.

”We have already started to advertise about our pioneering sign language news from our office at Itahari”, informed Uprety.  Uprety said it would be the first sign language news outside federal capital not only in Nepal Television fraternity including 5 channels but also among all other privately owned television channels.

According to Uprety, Santoshi Ghimire, who works as official interpreter of Koshi Deaf Association of Biratnagar, will facilitate the sign language news.  Ghimire said it was her immense pleasure to be a part of first sign language news in the state.

The pioneering news broadcasting is supported by Social Development Ministry of State 1. Social Development Minister Jiwan Ghimire has reportedly said his ministry did so to address genuine demands of deaf community of the state.

The Itahari-based state broadcaster has given visible optimism among deaf members of the state. ”We were campaigning for sign language since long. However, we were not successful”, said Ojha. He added, ”NTV Itahari has heed our pleas.”

Previously, NTV Itahari had used first sign language interpreter for the television address of Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai on the new Nepali Year of 2077 BS on April. In his official televised address at 8:15 am from NTV Itahari Channel, Rai came up with sign language interpreter Santoshi Ghimire.

”There were talks about sign language news broadcasting in our state. Social Development Ministry of Biratnagar had given nod to start from Makalu Television”, shared Ghimire. She added, ”NTV Itahari, the largest television broadcaster from state one, has also shown eagerness which is praiseworthy news for deaf community”.

Sitaram Ojha, President of Deaf Federation of State One said he was elated with the initiation. ”Our constitution has guaranteed access of all state information to deaf communities”, remarked Ojha, ”This must be replicated by all local and provincial governments.” Ojha praised daily COVID-19 briefing with sign language interpreter by federal government.

”Based on latest census of 2011, Nepal has a total of 513,221 people with disabilities and many of them are deaf”, said Ojha. He continued, ”In order to address the constitutionally guaranteed rights of this community, sign language is necessary.” RSS