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COVID-19 epicenter of state-1 turns to Ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity of locals

Birat Anupam


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Itahari, 13 May (2020) – Bhulke area of Udayapur district was first venue to find COVID-19 patients in state-1. On April 17, 12 people tested positive at this area located at Triyuga Municipality Ward Number 3 maing it the immediate epicenter of COVID-19 in the stae.  The first batch of the global pandemic patients have been recovered. For those recovered and quarantined, local government has turned to Aryudedic medicine.

‘We are collaborating with All Nepal Homeopathic Association and also with the Gaighat Ayurvedic Hospital of our district to boost immunity power of locals”, shared Baldev Chaudhary, the mayor of the Triyuga Municipality. He added, ”According to experts’ advice we will administer the alternative and ancient medicines of Ayurdedic produts to all locals.”

Chaudhary said Social Development Ministry of State-1 supported to this endeavor.

The ayurvedic and the alternative medicines would be administered to all 25 people quarantined at Janata Multiple Campus of Bhulke and all other locals of 400 households, informed mayor Chaudhary. He said, ” We got required stoke of medicine for continued consumption for three days and we are administrating these medicine by tomorrow in presence of ayurvedic doctors.”  Mayor Chaudhary said around 1400 locals would be administrated the ancient indigenous medicine with latest research and practices.

Arurvedic doctor at the Social Development Ministry of State-1 reportedly said the ministry has made adequate protocol for the use of Ayurvedic medicines.  Dr. Bishal said alternative medicines would boost the required immunity of the people. He said, ”This medicine doesn’t create any side effects.” RSS