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Memorial service to former royal family

Lalitpur, 1 June – Rituals were performed today in commemoration of the 15th death anniversary of King Birendra and his family.

The Yogi Naraharinath Trust Spiritual Council held a memorial service to the late royal family with the performance of the rituals as per the Hindu customs.

King Birendra and his entire family were killed on the night of June 1, 2001 in a carnage that took place inside the Narayanhiti Royal Palace.

Council chairman Shankar Poudel said the council has been organising the rituals in memory of the late royal family continuously since 2001.

Former Minister Dina Bandhu Aryal, president of the World Hindu Federation (WHF) Hem Bahadur Karki, president of the WHF Nepal National Committee, Nil Prasad Bhandari, intellectuals, academics, social workers, professors, doctors and representatives of different organisations attended the memorial service.