Employment agencies and labour minister at loggerheads

Agencies accuse minister of stopping them to take part in dialogues with Malaysian officers

Kathmandu, 29 June – Accusing that Labour Minister Deepak Bohara stopped foreign employment agencies to take part in labour discussions between Nepal and Malaysia, Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies (NAFEA) is angry with the minister.

NAFEA has said that it finds the minister’s activities suspicious.

Employment agencies have said that this incident has created further disputes between them and the minister.

Nepali officers’ team held a long discussion with Malaysian officers in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday.

“NAFEA representatives were not allowed to be a part of those dialogues. By prohibiting us to attend the meeting, Minister Bohara has shown suspicious activities,” NAFEA President Gyan Neupane said.  “We’ll strongly protest such activities.”

Neupane said that employment agencies were deliberately prohibited to sit in talks table despite taking them to Malaysia.

When asked about this episode, Secretary at Labour Ministry Bishnu Lamsal said, “I have not been briefed what happened there.”

Initially Minister Bohara and four officers were planning to go to Malaysia. But agencies demanded that they too should be made a part of talks.

Labour agreement between Nepal and Malaysia, implementation of biometric system and other issues were to be discussed and decided during those talks.

“We had differences regarding several issues and they might have stopped us from taking part in dialogues fearing protests,” Neupane said. “We’ll expose everything in a press conference.”

Employment agencies have accused that Nepal’s Ambassador to Malaysia did not give any satisfactory answer to the issue of not including them in the dialogues.

Relationship between the government and NAFEA is cold due to the issue of “Free ticket, free visa.”