Post-earthquake spending exceeds Rs 6 billion in Sindhupalchowk

Kumar Chaulagain

Chautara (Sindhupalchowk), June 16: It has been revealed that the national and international non-government organisations have made post-earthquake spending of over Rs 4 billion in Sindhupalchowk.

According to the information shared by the Sindhupalchowk District Development Committee, the spending was made by eight United Nations agencies, 25 INGOs and 21 NGOs in a year after the 25 April 2015 earthquake.

The DDC data has disclosed that the UN agencies working in coordination with DDC Office in the district have expended around Rs 585 million while INGOs spent around Rs 2.6 billion and NGOs around Rs 846.7 million in post-earthquake context.

Likewise, the government has made a public expenditure of around Rs 2.5 billion under the heading of compensation, construction of permanent residence (Rs 15,000 per house) and warm clothes for the families of those killed in the earthquake.

“The expenditure is the one made by I/NGOs who have been working to respond post-earthquake situation in the district in coordination with the DDC”, CDO Gokarna Mani Duwadi told RSS.

“There are still some I/NGOS who are distributing relief and money for temporary shelters without coordination with local administration. The expenses for relief and reconstruction in the district will go up than this if all the expenditure is calculated”, he added.

Some of the I/NGOs are hesitant to work in coordination with DD, perform against the conditions stated in the agreement and wish to carry out their initiatives in convenient area, CDO Duwadi further said.

Though there has been a big chunk of spending in the district within a year in the name of quake survivors the latter have different narratives. “They are only distributing hopes not the works. Discrimination is there based on creed, religion and opinion. The relief is being rendered to victims on the basis of their whims but not by aligning the needs of the survivors”, said Aitaman Tamang of Haibung.

The post-earthquake relief and reconstruction amount is being spent at the behest of influential political leaders. Publicity is high but action is low”, he added.

However, I/NGOs claimed that they have been doing their job without exercising any prejudice and discrimination in the relief and reconstruction works in the district.