Durga Prasad Pokhrel wins INLS-SuPraMa award


London, 20 July – Poet and literary critic Durga Prasad Pokhrel has won the 2017 INLS-SuPraMa award. He won the award for his poetry collection Aksharaka Pailaharoo (Steps of Words) which he had mainly composed in the UK.

The award is given for excellence in poetry and will be presented to Pokhrel in a special literary ceremony organised by INLS in London on 23rd July.

Pokhrel’s published collections include The Drops of Nectar and Aksharaka Pailaharoo.


INLS-SuPraMa award was created by Late Ishwor Manandhar, who is regarded as the first poet in Nepali diaspora in the UK. The award aims for the promotion of Nepali literature beyond Nepal.

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