Emerging from the nightmare (Poem)

Two years after the 2015 quake

EarthquakeMahima Adhikary

Moaning is getting louder, monotonous sound

A breath of relief, no more shaking ground

At least for now; though the hearts are chilled

With fear, earth could engulf them still.

Thousands dead and alive lay under rubble

Immersed in the moment, unaware of all trouble

A child sucks on mother’s breast, a woman long gone

Will someone find this boy before break of dawn?


City tower has fallen to ruins

Clock tower has forgotten its tunes

They repeat it again, time will heal

But which wound and with what zeal?

Prayers for Nepal floods the news and media

But one has to be here to get the real idea

The lustrous mountain still smiles down at you

On the foreground is flattened village view.


Clad in a torn sari she serves her husband tea

Her eyes pouring out her heart’s plea

The flame of hope burning out like a whirlwind

Expectations of finding her mother has thinned

In dismay and anger he lashes at reporter and crew

For whom he is only a piece of news, among few.

Agony, hunger wounds are here to stay

After reports complete, journalists go away.


Two winters and two springs have come and gone

He limps around dragging the legs broken

Help at the doorstep they heard and believed

The man on top or the donors who deceived.

Determined he is to complete the wall today

Three more tomorrow, a roof the next day.

Choosing between food, health or house

A home for my beloved he vows.


‘Make a wish,’ ‘a house for the wife’

‘I’ll be ready to depart for afterlife’

The jinni vanishes in a whisk with his wife’s cry

Is this the end, is she going to die?

Home ripped down again in her dream

He fails again to stop her eyes stream.

Homeland far away and exotic

Forgotten, as expected, by world chaotic.


Ms. Adhikary, a medical doctor, is currently working in Australia.

Image credit: Wall Street Journal