Five haiku collections jointly released


Kathmandu, 29 June (2018) – Five haiku collections namely Bajra Haiku, Doteli Haiku Hingalo, Nepali Haiku Chatni, Hindi Haiku Madhushala and Pathikka Haikuharu were jointly launched in Kathmandu Thursday.

Veteran actor Neer Shah praised all three haiku writers Kishor Bajra Bajracharya, RD ‘Prabhas’ Chataut and Dr Mukunda Pathik for coming up with heart touching haikus.

Speaking at the event, President of Nepal Haiku Centre Prof. Dr. Ram Kumar Panday, said, “It is really wonderful that haiku literature in Nepal is growing and credit goes to new haiku writers like Kishor, Prabhas and Mukunda. These new collections are a breath of fresh air.”

One of the haiku writers, Kishor Bajra Bajracharya said, “Because haiku is short, people can remember them easily. And everybody can learn haiku by heart due to its conciseness. Its shortness enables people to write and enjoy haiku. I wish more and more people read, write and enjoy haikus in Nepal.”

Neer Shah presented appreciation certificates to all three writers and wished them for a creative future.

Haiku is an unrhymed poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. It appeared in Japanese literature some 300 years ago and is now written worldwide.