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Man with own 'death certificate' struggles for justice


Gopal Baral

Bardibas, 12 Aug (2018) - "Sir, you know, I'm split! I'm a dead man." It is what a 59-year old-man from Khopi Bairiya of Aurahi Municipality-6 from Mahottari district is found repeating before the group of people and offices seeking justice.

It sounds unbelievable. But, yes, he is the one- Ramsewak Raya Yadav bearing the 'certificate of his death' and running from pillar to posts- from the relatives' homes to government offices and political party leaders. He even nags the unknown persons with his plight.

Ramsewak shared with media persons, "I met everyone- chief district officer, people's representatives and political leaders and police persons. I'm tired of telling them this story. But, none helped me correct the fake certificate that mentions my death. However, I don't quit my struggle for justice."

After the death of mother at teenage, he left home for the job in Punjab, India, leaving behind wife in 1991. As he did not return home for long, the wife too ditched him, getting married to another fellow.

Taking advantage of this tragedy, his step mother and step brother pressed his father Rambrikshya to register for his (Ramwewak) death certificate in May 2011- twenty years after his departure from home. The death certificate was a solid document for the step mother Sakunti Devi and step brother Ram Pukar to immediately transfer his property under their ownership.

As per the registration, his death was occurred in October 2010.


The registration employee or the then VDC secretary Gopal Pathak has signed on Ramsewak's death certificate.

To this injustice, neighbour Ram Prasad Raya also said it was revealed now that his step mother and step brother exerted pressure on his father to make such document. When he came to home a year back, he was completely a strange to the family.

His mother Kaushilya Devi had registered 15 kattha of land under his name. As this land now amounts tens of thousands rupees, the stepfamily hoodwinked him.

Poor Ramwewak adds, "My father died and the step mother and step brother said they did not know me." He wipes out the runnel of tears from his cheek and laments, "Homeless, I'm taking shelter at a temple, and eating by begging in the village."

When Chief District Officer Umesh Kumar Dhakal was asked about this problem, he replied, "Those registering for the death certificate of anyone living is punished as per the law. Because the Local Development Officer is currently out of office for some special reason, this problem will be addressed by investigating the documents."

The legal practitioners here also said even a legal case could be filed against those involving in making such fake document and return the share of the property to the right owner. Initially, the office preparing the certificate can itself revoke the fake documentation, added advocate Uddhav Chhetri. RSS