Friday, November 27, 2020

Comic Con Nepal 2019 to pay tribute to Stan Lee


Press Meet

Kathmandu, 4 September (2019) - The third annual Comic Con Nepal presented by ZEROSTAR, powered by Honda and supported by Dream Star Impex, Oohana, Supreme Anime Mart and Fantech Nepal is back this year with 2 day event happening on September 13 and 14, 2019 at Heritage Garden, Sanepa with a theme “Tribute to Stan Lee” with V-Chitra Advertising managing the event, Otaku Club looking after the cosplay and WASD Arena managing the technical section of the gaming. The giveaway campaign is currently running in their Facebook and Instagram, so hurry up!! Who knows you might win!

Comic Con Nepal, is an event where lot of comic/manga, art, animation and gaming fan meet and discuss their interest while showing their enthusiasm through art and cosplay where participants create their own costume and dress up as their favorite characters with more than 6,000 visitors participating each time.. According to Comic Con Nepal, Comic Con and Cosplay is all about the creator and its creation so, this year we express our gratitude towards the great creator "Stan Lee" and their main motive is to motivate people to never give up on their dreams and turn their dreams into reality. With this special devotion of Stan Lee, Comic Con Nepal announces on 4th September, 2019 that from this year they are starting, "Create Your Own Super Hero Campaign" where artist will get chance to create their own super. Zerostar CEO Anuj Pradhan said, “The main goal of the event is to highlight the pop culture in Nepal. This is a platform for fans of anime and DC/Marvel superhero movies to intermingle.” Comic Con Nepal Proprietor Abhinav Shrestha expresses, “Such events have helped establish a culture that provides fans with a chance to explore their creativity and to express themselves artistically.”

Along with another big announcement of rise in the prize pool to NPR. 450,000 for 4 competitions (Cosplay, Gaming, Art and AMV) along with lots of giveaways. This year special recognition to the cosplay in Tribute to Stan Lee Contest, along with extended platform in the gaming section includes DOTA 2 and CSGO alongside Tekken. So get ready to witness the live battle between players as a titan! For more information visit social media platform @comicconnepal.

Not only cosplay and gaming also enjoy the live performance of the famous Abhaya and the steam engines and Pahenlo Batti Muni on the event along with many Anime and Stan Lee theme related dance and musical performances. The event also has guest invitees, food stalls, stalls for franchise, figurines, posters and t-shirts. A huge crowd could also be seen in gaming stalls as well.

Comic Con Nepal organizes Comic Convention annually in Nepal with a goal to unite the pop culture community through the world of art, music, gaming, and literature. Furthermore, it provides an environment where youth can network among their peers and gain real-life work experience in areas such as art, design, music performance, public relations, and much more. Up-and-coming Nepali writers, manga artists, and game creators will have an outlet to explore and share their enthusiasm for Japanese/Western media and pop culture. The team is also working on conducting comic conventions outside the valley in the near future.