Monday, November 30, 2020

PM talks about plots to bring the government down: Unfounded fear or deflection tactics?


Ishwor Aryal


Kathmandu, 18 February (2020) - PM KP Sharma Oli expressed dissatisfaction about plots being hatched to bring the government down. Speaking in his home district Jhapa on Sunday, Oli expressed his misgivings about the anti-government activities.

Not revealing the source of the plot he said, "Different power centres have been conspiring to topple the government. Anti-government activities are in full swing to stop the pace of development of the country."

Oli had been hinting that powerful elements were trying to portray the government as a failure but this is the first time he has talked about the efforts to topple the government.

The PM's foreign affairs advisor Dr Rajan Bhattarai echoed the PM's expressions in a radio interview on Monday.

"There are designs to pull down the government. Who is behind this and how they are trying to do this is under investigation. I can’t take names but you'll know about them in the future," he said.

Even piling upon Oli's pains, NCP's Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" said some days ago that common people are dissatisfied with the government's performance.

Countering his views Chief Minister of Province 5 Shankar Pokhrel wrote on social media, "Nepal has progressed against all economic indicators but some leaders have been saying that people are dissatisfied. The PM has been successfully leading the country to prosperity but some big media houses question his personality. Seeing this, we must say that some people have nothing to do with truths and facts but are advocating the agendas of foreign powers."

Pokhrel's ire is targeted towards the long comments published in some media outlets proclaiming Oli government's success only in statistics.

Chinese President's Nepal visit, progress in reconstruction works, introduction of social security programme, bringing the secessionist politicians to the mainstream, efforts to maintain balance between neighbours, the government's quick-paced works in big infrastructure projects like Bheri-Babai and Melamchi are some of the remarkable works of the government.

But fragile security situation, uncontrolled price hikes, failure to curb pollution, tabling controversial bills, keeping relationship with business houses are some of the issues dragging the government into controversy.

Political Scientist Prof. Krishna Khanal commented that PM Oli may be having psychological problems.

Talking to Lokantar on Tuesday he said, "What does he want? I think he suffers from serious psychological problems. He used to be humorous in the past. But he has changed his style. There is no consistency in his speeches."

Khanal said that Oli speaks such words to hide his shortcomings and to divert people's mind.

"The government has failed to deliver. It this situation, the PM will score no points in passing such comments," Khanal said.

Leftist analyst Narendra Jung Pitar says that the PM's expression is like a "blank fire".

"Soldiers blank fire to spot the enemy's location and plan the next move," Peter said. "He seems to plan the next move on the basis of the reaction to his comments. Over these few days, he seems threatened. He feels as if he is surrounded by the enemy."

Pitar said that the PM may be thinking that he can create a favourable environment for himself by sowing seeds of fear in people's mind.

But NCP leader Khaga Raj Adhikari, considered a favourite of the PM, said that the plot to bring down the government is clear.

He argues that many people are against the government right from its inception and they are trying to create instability by toppling the government.

"The merchants of instability don’t like this government. Everyone knows about the efforts of national and international powers to create instability," he said.