Sunday, April 18, 2021

Corona! You are the deadliest virus (Poem)


Dr. Mukti N. Shrestha

Oh! Corona, you are a pest,

you travel in haste,

in quest

of our chest

to make the nest

killing us you fest

and you jest.

So let’s be aware wherever we are east or west,

coming home is the best,

taking complete rest,

staying the safest,

not inviting guests,

isolating and protecting with PPE vest,

it’s time of our corona test,

washing hands with soap & water break the corona crown-crest,

oh dearest, let’s save our lives with earnest & interest,

controlling the flare up being the bravest.

Arrogants ignoring lockdown, to them you are the deadliest,

And thus you knocked down the so called strongest,

 causing them physically, mentally & spiritually the weakest.

May all departed souls find eternal peace in rest,

extending our heartfelt condolence the deepest.

Oh corona! So far no mortality here, you are the kindest,

to the resident countrymen of the Everest.

The writer is a senior veterinary doctor.