Sunday, May 16, 2021

'Constitutional Culture and Judicial Activism' of Dahal released


Kathmandu, 11 February (2021) - A book 'Constitutional Culture and Judicial Activism' penned by constitution expert Kashiraj Dahal has been launched on Wednesday.    

The writer has incorporated different aspects of constitutional practices and judicial activism of the world in the book. 

The book has incorporated contents with reference to various cases in practical on the constitutional practice and judicial activism played by specially USA, Europe and South Asia countries. 

Former Chief Justice Kedarnath Upadhyay has mentioned in the description of the book that the book has guaranteed educational and practical utility of students of law, teachers to political personalities, law practitioners and judges. 

Writer Dahal mentioned that full commitment and dedication towards democratic values should be clearly seen on the behaviour of all using state power. 

The book was published by Gyangun Kanun Pratisthan and distributed Pairavi Book House Pvt Ltd.