Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hamro Patro reveals New Year Offer for Hamro Gifts


Kathmandu, 14 April (2021) - Nepal's most loved app, "Hamro Patro," announced a week-long promotional offer on the occasion of the Nepali new year. During this promotion, Hamro Patro users get a 10% discount on home appliances when sending gifts to their families in Nepal. The company also waived the delivery fee for orders over $19.

Customers can choose from a range of other gifts like cakes, chocolates, perfumes, sweets, etc., and have them delivered to their family. "We deliver most of the order within 24 hours if placed before 11 a.m.", said Sujata Gautam, the company's head for the marketplace. The service is available inside Kathmandu valley.

"Hamro Gifts" has been gaining popularity among the global Nepali diaspora in a short span as it allows customers to express their love to their family and friends back home. Sending gifts also means - you care - and it's more noticeable on special occasions. By sending gifts to family, people can make their presence felt. Gifting brings warmth to relationships, and "Hamro Gifts" has attempted to bring this warmth to its users' bond with their physically distant family and friends, which is why this service has been loved by "Hamro Patro" users.

Hurry up and grab the limited period offer of a 10% discount on home appliances at "Hamro Gifts." Order it now and get it delivered to your family's doorsteps.