Sunday, May 16, 2021

Unification in party getting unlikely: Nepal


Janakpurdham, 23 April (2021) - CPN (UML) senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has said the possibility of unification in the party is getting slim.  

Speaking at a press meet organised by the party's Dhanusha Executive Committee at Janakpurdham today, the leader said the unification seemed less possible due to arrogance of the topmost leadership. ''The party is facing a serious crisis and the party chair is solely responsible for this,'' he said.

As he said, during his recent meeting with the party chair, he urged the later to follow a path of resolution, but his call was flatly rejected.  

According to him, the party chair was not interested in the party unification which has put the party, democracy, constitution, federalism and the rule of law at risk. 

He took time to say that the party's move to seek clarifications from 27 House of Representatives members was meaningless as the party chair had no ground to seize their posts. As he said, the party chair's arrogance was escalated worryingly which Nepal said needs correction. -