Wednesday, September 22, 2021

'I chose to cry and love you' poetry published


Kathmandu, 26 April (2021) - "I chose to cry and love you, a collection of poems by famous Chinese poet, Yang Qingxiang, has been published recently.

Translated for the first time into Nepali by world renowned Himalayan poet, Yuyutsu Sharma, this bilingual edition is a valuable addition to the Asian literature that along with the continent's sudden rise to prominence is eagerly awaiting all the laurels it deserves. 

The book was published by White Book Lotus Shop, Kathmandu, Nepal. The book incorporated 135 poems. 

The poems, centered on the imaginary flight of a poet who loves Nepal very much, seek peace in the bustling life of modern China. Chinese public life, personal experience, time are the major themes of the book.

“These poems are an intense and distinct presentation of modern Chinese writing seeking global recognition,” said Sharma.

"The collection of poems is also a presentation of a diverse face of contemporary China," he added.

A recipient of many awards and affiliated with many organizations, Yang Xingxiang's is a pioneer of ‘the New Scar’ poetry movement in Chinese literature. He is also a literary critic and a professor of literature at Renmin University, Beijing.