Thursday, October 28, 2021

CPN-UML to have 15 central office holders


Kathmandu, 3 October (2021) - CPN-UML is to induct make 15 central office holders in the party.

Deputy General Secretary Bishnu Poudel told this while answering questions about statute amendment during the statute convention in Godavari, Lalitpur on Sunday.

"Steering a communist party will be difficult when many office holders are inducted. The number of office holders should not top 15, "Poudel said.

"Central office holders will constitute a chairman, five vice-chairmen including a senior vice-chairman, one general secretary, one deputy general secretary and seven secretaries."

Poudel said that politburo is not appropriate and there is no point in continuing with it.

Instead, standing committee will have 45 members while central committee will have 225 members.

The earlier draft of Poudel's proposal didn't have senior vice-chairman and deputy general secretary.