Wednesday, December 1, 2021

West should stop demonizing China on climate change: Asia Times

Xinhua/Yang Wenbin


Hong Kong, 24 November (2021) - China offers solutions to climate change, and the West would do well to emulate some of the country's environmental policies, rather than demonizing China, said a recent opinion piece published in the Asia Times.

"China leads in solutions -- in technology, policy, transition planning, and implementation. It is not only pulling its weight, it is showing the world a way forward," said the article.

Regarding almost every sustainability index, China is a world leader and is pioneering a way forward for the planet, said the article, adding that "China is doing its part by demonstrating what an ecologically sustainable civilization based on common prosperity could look like."

"The atmosphere, a precious global common, has been colonized and monopolized by the West to the detriment of the rest of the world," the article said, noting that the United States bears the greatest individual responsibility for the global climate crisis.

"For the sake of the planet, sanity must prevail to seek real win-win cooperation on all fronts to tackle the existential threat of our time," it said.