Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Maoist Centre's General Convention: Leader Karki presents supplementary report


Kathmandu, 28 December (2021) - CPN (Maoist Centre) leader Surendra Karki has presented a supplementary proposal to the political proposal presented by party Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' in the closed session of the party's ongoing the Eighth General Convention.

The supplementary proposal entitled 'Some Supplementary and Some New Ideas' questions the practices going on in the name of the existing federalism and inclusiveness. The author of this document has commented that the situation has not moved ahead as per their thinking. 

The proposal states that the all-round development of democracy would be impossible unless there is people's participation in the policy-making.

The intention behind ushering in federalism in the country, leader Karki said, was for serving the people at their doorsteps and with their participation. Karki is known as an intellectual leader in the Maoist Centre.  

"We had made federalism our political agenda with the objective so that policies would be formulated on irrigation canals, bridges, taps, roads, health post, school etc by holding meeting in the ground, resting places, school premises and on traditional Nepali mats and rugs," Karki said in his political proposal. 

He has expressed his dissatisfaction in the way the federalism has been practiced in the country, saying: "It was not at all our objective that the people's representatives of this poor country would travel in expensive government vehicles and organize lavish parties on special occasions like birthdays etc. Federalism has brought a portion of the budget to the local level but there is no mechanism for its proper allocation and monitoring." 

Leader Karki has also commented on the activities taking place in the name of inclusiveness. He has stressed on making the inclusiveness provision meaningful and not just implementing it in tokenism.

Similarly, the proposal dwells on the international scenario, domestic situation, the party's upcoming agenda, among other topics. He has proposed mandatory allocation of 10 per cent of the total budget amount or more to education and at least 10 per cent of the total budget to health in the units where the CPN (Maoist Centre)'s members have won the election from. 

He has also stated that efforts would be made to implement this policy in places where the party has a strong presence and that the party would take special initiatives for the proper utilization of this amount. 

Similarly, he has proposed mobilizing the party committees to give special emphasis on agriculture and environmental tourism.