Tuesday, January 18, 2022

General Secretary Thapa vows to end factionalism in party


Arghakhanchi, 4 January (2022) - General Secretary of Nepali Congress Gagan Kumar Thapa has vowed to end factionalism in the party. The party would be run as per its statute, he added.

Addressing a programme the party organized at Durgaphanta of Panini Rural Municipality in the district on Monday, General Secretary Thapa viewed time had come to mull how the people in poverty could be elevated and employments ensured. NC would come up with special strategy to create employment.

He also urged the party leaders and cadres to devote to the preparation of coming three tiers of election- local, provincial and federal.

On the occasion, Nepali Congress central member Pushpa Bhushal blamed the Oli-led government behind the backsliding of country. NC would not leave any stone unturned for the protection of constitution and federal republic.

Meanwhile, 475 cadres and leaders including Laxmi Gautam belonging to the CPN UML entered the Nepali Congress party. They were welcomed in NC by General Secretary Thapa at the programme.