Saturday, May 28, 2022

BMW becomes top selling premium car brand


Kathmandu, 6 March (2022) - German car company Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) claims to have beaten Mercedes-Benz to become the world's top-selling premium car brand.

Releasing the data on 12 January, BMW proclaimed number one position in sale of premium cars worldwide.

The automaker company claims to have sold more than 2.5 million cars in the year 2021. This amounts to an increase of 8.4 percent in year-on-year sales growth, ahead than the competitors.

Its sales of fully electric vehicles have also doubled in comparison with the previous year, reaching 103, 855 units.

BMW's success in sales is praiseworthy in the context of supply bottlenecks and continuing coronavirus pandemic. Car companies across the world have faced global shortage of semiconductors that are vital to modern car-making during the pandemic.

Chip crunch has posed immense problems to car companies but BMW has claimed to overcome the hurdle to win customers' trust which is reflected in its brisk sales.