Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Curb the Taliban


The attack on Nepali guards in a minibus in Kabul on 20 June has claimed 13 lives and left many wounded, leaving Nepal in tears. This atrocious incident has proved that the already fragile law and order situation in Afghanistan has further complicated. But Nepalis who had reached Afghanistan through private security companies had nothing to do with that country's unstable internal politics. They were workers deployed for security of diplomatic agencies and missions from different countries in Kabul. Taliban leaders must have understood this reality and fatally attacked the vehicle carrying Nepalis. Thus this massacre of innocent people has to be condemned with strong words. Afghanistan's international image has further been tarnished with this violent attack.

Nepalis working in high-risk condition in Afghanistan say that security service companies deploying them as security guards have not taken adequate care about their safety. Guerrilla attacks like the one that killed Nepalis would not have taken place if the guards were put in bulletproof vehicles or escorted by security agents. This aspect of negligence in security management's part has to be investigated at the government level.

Another point to be made in this context is the assessment of risks to be made by Nepali workers abroad. Workers should be alert about potential risks and challenges in foreign jobs, meaning that they should decide to go for abroad employment only after getting information from office concerned. Safety is utmost priority and workers should be cautious about frauds. Salaries and perks for working in war-zones like Afghanistan and Iraq are attractive but that attraction cannot be more important than one's life. Nepalis can earn their living in Nepal, provided they stop dreaming of luxurious lives and keep their necessities at the minimum. Opportunities for agriculture works and other means of self-employment are in plenty in the country even if political situation is unstable.

Kabul and other areas in Afghanistan have suffered violent revolts for a long time. The West, especially the US, has spent billions to bring stability and governance in Afghanistan hoping that it would contribute to lessen terrorist activities across the world. The US has provided military assistance to government security agencies in Afghanistan who have been trained by American experts. But still Afghan security mechanism has not been able to provide terror-free environment for Afghanis and migrant workers. Therefore, western powers involved in bringing stability in Afghanistan cannot shirk off their responsibilities before circumstances get better.