Tuesday, September 27, 2022

'Conference call' along with doctor appointment now possible with Hamro Patro Health


Kathmandu, 17 August (2022) - Various features have been added in the new version of the 'Hamro Patro Health' service of the Hamro Patro app.

Hamro Patro team said that enthusiastic participation from the users of this service, where you can consult an expert doctor at home about health-related problems and queries, has encouraged them to add features.

Hamro Patro app, which has become an important companion in the daily and cultural life of all people of Nepali origin in the country and abroad, has started this service with the aim of providing easy access to expert doctors and people who are curious about health services.  

In the facilities that have been added now, specialist doctors can maintain their availability and according to the schedule, service users can make an appointment with specialist doctors and talk to the doctor. "The earlier service of talking to an online doctor immediately remains the same," reads the release sent by Hamro Patro.

Previously, only two patients and doctors could participate in the call. It has been upgraded. Now you can add family or assistants according to your needs, or doctors from different fields can make a conference call and talk at once.

Shankar Upreti, the founder and CEO of our Patro Inc., said that after this new facility, every person away from their family abroad or within the country can take a conference call with their family members for the health consultation of their parents and family members. He expressed his belief that these added features will be more helpful in solving the daily health problems and queries of the users.

Apart from that, the update has added services to make it easier for patients to easily decide which doctor to talk to by looking at the list of doctors' expertise and experience.

Doctors can determine their service fees on the app based on their experience. The doctor can adjust their time accordingly and update the timetable available for the patient and the client is also given the facility of free follow-up within the time period specified by the doctor. In addition, patients can also rate and review the doctor based on their consultation. 

This service has also been found to be very useful for people unable to spend time on their health due to their busy lifestyles. Hamro Patro Health has eased the situation of patients who had to spend a lot of time and suffer discomfort to see a doctor even for minor health problems and queries.

Hamro Patro release reads, 'Telehealth service has not only been helpful for everyone, but has also saved costs and time and reduced unnecessary travel in all accessible and remote places with internet availability through technology.' 

In some places many people have to face problems due to lack of proper health counseling. Hamro Patro Health app was launched with the aim of providing easy health consultation to all Nepalis and creating convenience through technology in the disparity of need and availability of health services regardless of geographical and economic diversity. 

To use this service, the user has to download or update Hamro Patro by visiting the Android and Google Play stores as well as the iOS app store. Also, Hamro Patro health service can be used on the website.